from Vision

to execution

Our team can guide you through all phases of production. We have an extensive network of talented contractors that work with us to ensure your project is executed to your specifications.
We offer a completely scaleable crew to fit your vision and your budget.


Chris Jadallah
Owner | Director | dir. of photography

Chris is a working DP, Director, and owner of Calliope Films. He is also the creator of the sketch comedy group, Kitty Get a Job. Chris has over 8 years of professional experience not counting his first short film screening held in his living room at age 5. During his professional career, he has worked on national and regional commercials, documentaries, reality TV, short films, sketch comedy, web videos, brand videos, and music videos. Chris started as a freelancer but quickly saw the demand to be more as his client base grew. Thus in 2015 Calliope Films was born. As of 2019, Chris is a represented DP/Director by New York based Maul.st.


Tyler Simmons
Director of Operations | Producer

Tyler has been working on sets with Chris for nearly 5 years in a variety of positions. Offering a unique perspective in production management, he has worked just about every position on set and understands every little detail that comes together to create a great final product. While managing the day-to-day operations at Calliope Films, Tyler will also supervise your project from initial contact to final delivery and beyond.